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Geometric Brushes for RoughAnimator

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Finally, geometric brushes for RoughAnimator that allow you to paint perfect circles, squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons and straight lines!

With the transformation tools you can scale and rotate the brush however you want to draw guidelines, perspective, grids or just straight lines in every orientation

The Problem

Did you ever want to draw a straight line, or a simple ellipse in RoughAnimator, but didn't find the tools available for that in RoughAnimator? You had to go out of the application draw some guidelines in another software and then import them into RoughAnimator, thereby totally breaking the flow you are in?

The Solution

That's why I created this pack of my most used geometric forms as brushes. Now you never have to leave the app just to draw perspective guides, simple geometric shapes or even grids. You can do this all right inside RoughAnimator. Making this awesome little animation app even more awesome and useful for professional grade animations!

"Finally, I don't have to leave RoughAnimator anymore to do simple things!"

—Mayao Hiyazaki

What you'll find in the package

You will get:

  •  6 geometric brushes (circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and octagon) in 2 version --> Filled and Outline
  • 1 straight line brush (draw a line in every orientation with the select/transform tool)
  • 1 tutorial booklet (PDF) explaining how to import the brushes and giving you tips on how to get the most out of them! (isometric grid, rotation tool)

"I was merely a rough animator before I discovered justGoscha's Geometric Brushes"

—Dalt Wisney


  • All the simple forms you need!
  • Draw straight lines in every orientation
  • More forms like ellipses and rectangles with select/transform too!
  • Draw perspective guides
  • Draw isometric grids with the hexagon brush (find tutorial inside)
  • Draw other kinds of funky grids (triangle, pentagon...)

I hope these brushes make you as happy as they make me!

and if you have any more ideas of forms that should be included but are not, shoot me a message on twitter @justgoscha

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You will get following importable brushes (*.png) for RoughAnimator:

filled geometric shapes
outlined geometric shapes
line shape
tutorial booklet
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Geometric Brushes for RoughAnimator

3 ratings
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