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Procedural Dirty Sandstone Material for Blender

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This is a procedural sandstone material for Blender. It works best in Cycles and especially well on statues. Because it adds dirt in the crevices of the model! This only works for Cycles because it uses the pointiness parameter which is not supported by Eevee unfortunately.


  • 🪨Sandstone material with Dirt
  • 🎚️Adjustable dirt and stone color!
  • 🪶100% procedural, seamless and lightweight
  • 🗽Works especially great on statues (try for yourself on some free ones from

💵🔙 If you are unhappy with something I am always open for feedback and there is a 100% money-back guarantee, just shoot me an email!

💡Usage Note:

This material requires your models to be UV unwrapped. There is a quick way to do it if you don't want to do it manually. Here's how:

  1. Select your model.
  2. Switch into edit mode (TAB key)
  3. Select all vertices, edges, or faces (A key) - now they should all turn orange.
  4. Click on UV menu (or press U key)

  5. Click on Smart UV Project
  6. Press OK in the popped up menu.

Now this material should work seamlessly!


You can use the material on commercial projects.

It's not allowed to repackage and resell or give it away without my explicit written permission!

Origin Story

I created this material while I was working on rendering the patterns I created for a particular ancient civilization's illustration.

In the early version, it didn't have the dirt. That bothered me so I dug deeper into the shader nodes to find out how I could make this a reality. On a youtube tutorial I found out about the pointiness parameter and this was the answer to my questions how to make this effect procedurally.

With that knowledge, I could create a material that would add dirt to the deeper crevices on the material as it would naturally accumulate in nature.

Have fun! And as always share what you create with me on Twitter: @justgoscha and I will share it far and wide! :)

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Procedural Dirty Sandstone Material for Blender

3 ratings
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