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VHS IT - Retro VHS effect plugin for After Effects

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Save 30min of tinkering — Achieve the VHS look in just one click!

The retro VHS look has become quite popular in recent years. It gives your footage vintage vibes like it's from the pre-internet era. Who doesn't love the warm fuzzy feeling of analog media? But achieving a realistic look is often not as simple.

As many tutorials on the internet show, it is not just ONE effect. It is a combination of multiple effects that need to be layered and precomposed. That in turn means, it takes usually a couple of minutes to set up and a half hour of tinkering to get it to look right.

That's where this plugin comes in! I combined the best ways how to achieve the VHS-look and packaged it into an easy one-click extension.


  • ⌛ Time-saving one-click application and easy installation
  • 🎨 Authentic look with distorted lines, noise, interlacing, and more
  • ✨ Fully customizable and adjustable result
  • 📂 Doesn't mess up your folder structure!
  • 😎 For private and commercial use!

💵🔙 If you are unhappy with something I am always open for feedback and there is a 100% money-back guarantee, just shoot me an email!


1. You can select a layer inside our composition and simply apply the script via File > Scripts > VHS IT.

2. It will bundle up all effects and leave it as a pre-comp inside your current composition:

3. Under the hood, it will create multiple compositions and pre-comps to apply several effects and distortions

You can tweak all individual effects to your liking by going into the pre-comps and adjusting the Effects applied to them.

You can even remove the distortion lines, and change their sizes, positions and animations.


⚠️Requires the FREE plugin QCA 3:

Download here:

It's an awesome plugin in its own right, that everybody should have 🚀

Works also with QCA v2, download here:


Option 1 - Menu

  1. In After Effects go to File > Scripts > Install Script File…
  2. Select the script file: VHS IT.jsxbin
  3. Restart After Effects

Option 2 - Drag and Drop

  1. Put the VHS IT.jsxbin file into the correct folder:Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2020\Support Files\Scripts
    Mac: ~/Applications/"Adobe After Effects 2022"/Scripts/
    Replace 2022 with your version. And on windows replace the drive letter C:\ if necessary.
  2. Restart After Effects

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VHS IT - After Effects Plugin

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VHS IT - Retro VHS effect plugin for After Effects

17 ratings
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