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FraMeMe - Clean Customizable Windows in After Effects

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Spending too much time creating windows and app frames for your animations?

FraMeMe is a customizable template that let's you create good-looking windows inside After Effects in no time! 🪟

"I'm creating a new window from scratch for almost all my motion design projects. And it can take me an hour or more to get the look I want. Now with FraMeMe I get it done in seconds!" -- ME

🤩 It comes with customizable controls to fit ANY style you like!

It's possible to change colors, borders, roundness, header size, and more. You can easily change the composition size to change the size of the window, too!

Here is a full list of features that can be changed dynamically via essential properties:

Additionally you can change even more things when creating copies of the composition, for example:

  • Change the composition size to DYNAMICALLY change the window size (all other elements automatically adjust to the new size)
  • Change FONTs, add ICONS and more!

⚡Easy Setup

Just drag and drop frameme.aep file inside After Effects


Right-click in the Project Window and select IMPORT > File... and select the FraMeMe.aep

Then to use it just simply drag & drop "Window Template" into your composition. And adjust the visuals from the Essential Properties in the timeline.

If you want to have different sized windows, then copy the Windows Template composition and adjust the Compositin Size of the copies accordingly!

🏅Happy Customer Guarantee

If there is something that does not work to your satisfaction, I will do everything to make it work for your use-case. If you are not happy with the product or it's not what you expected I will return the money, no questions asked.

🤝 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not happy with the tool! 💵

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FraMeMe.aep - Importable Composition for After Effects 2023+

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FraMeMe - Clean Customizable Windows in After Effects

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