Textured Brushes for RoughAnimator

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A set of 8 handcrafted brushes to achieve gritty textured effects with the animation app RoughAnimator.

Make RoughAnimator more powerful!

For a long time, I was content with the simple brushes that RoughAnimator was offering, thinking that the brush engine is not powerful enough to really mess around with brushes. I was wrong. With the ability to import any kind of brush shape you like and the different brush settings, RoughAnimator offers it is able to create a wide array of useful effects. 

This brush collection focuses on the ability to create different types of noise and grainy texture — giving the animation a more life-like look and feel. 


  • 🍀 Bring life and texture to otherwise flat animations
  • 🎨 Extend the range of possibilities for RoughAnimator
  • 🏹 Reduce switching to other apps to achieve textured effects
  • 💡 Learn how to use the different DRAW MODES and brush settings to your advantage in the provided tutorial booklet. 

Includes a HOW TO guide for installing, configuring, and using the brushes.

For more information on RoughAnimator brushes — check out this comprehensive tutorial for more information on how brushes can be used and configured in RoughAnimator. 

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This package includes

Textured Brushes
HOW TO booklet (.pdf)


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Textured Brushes for RoughAnimator

138 ratings
I want this!